Dear Patients,

for your safety and the safety of our employees, we have equipped all practice rooms with air filters and always treat with mouth-nose protection. We therefore ask that you also wear a mouth guard in the practice. Furthermore, we ask all patients to bring their own towel.

Thank you very much for your help and stay healthy!
Antje and Dominic Pourat & Team

We appreciate your interest in our unique approach to physical therapy located in Berlin Charlottenburg. For more than a decade we have been running our private practice fueled by passion and our dedication to combining the latest research in competitive sports and sports science to create the most effective form of physical rehabilitation. After years of experience, we have found this to be the unrivaled approach to administering the highest quality physical therapy treatment. First and foremost, our priority is to ensure all of our patients receive the most optimal form of therapy, tailored to suit their individual needs. You can trust that our team will never settle for less.

Innovative Therapy Methods

In our cutting edge and high-performance program, we combine the proven benefits of manual therapy with functional training in line with the “American school” approach. Our vast network of leading specialists both at home and abroad is reflected in our newest therapy procedures as well as in our extensive and high-specialized rehabilitation equipment.

The Pourat Konzept is the result of a 17-year developmental process condensed into the necessary components of a revolutionary physical therapy technique. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading physical therapy practices by offering first-class treatment based on our experience and success with patients of all ages and performance levels. With the help of a comprehensive evaluation process, our team can analyze movement patterns, identify weak points, and administer a specialized regimen of treatments to recover lost abilities. By taking the time to fully understand the root cause of pain, weak points, and drops in performance abilities, we are able to expertly implement a safe and effective therapy plan.

Our Highly-Qualified Team

Our team of highly trained and qualified experts understands that healing from the inside out is something that takes time, dedication, and most importantly, expansive knowledge of how to properly diagnose conditions and administer various rehabilitative treatments. To guarantee our patients are receiving the highest standard of care available, our team receives continuous training and further education to ensure their skills and expertise remain inline with industry advancements. The expertly trained physical therapists under our direction are committed to helping every patient achieve their personal goals. We also make time for regular exchanges between team members as a way of facilitating the continued betterment of each therapist through shared experience and pooled resources.

Visiting The Pourat Konzept

The address of our spacious facility is Savignyplatz 9-10, 10623 Berlin, at S-Bahn station Kantstraße.


Your physical therapy directors
Antje and Dominic Pourat

Das Pourat-Prinzip-Plus