Physical Therapy

Passive and active movement exercises are another important element of a successful physical therapy regimen. Limited mobility, reduced strength, or the shortening of muscles are all cases in which a patient would benefit from an individualized training program. Repetitive exercises and injury-specific movements come together to improve a patiends phsical capabilities. This is partly why physical therapy is an effective way to prepare for more advanced functional training.

Targeted therapeutic exercises can help prevent and even treat certain diseases, limitations, and deformities. Through the regular use of specialized exercises, physical therapy can also teach the body healthy ways to offset physical deficiencies that cause illness or pain. One of the most common areas of application includes back pain, which is a widespread symptom of excessive sitting and too little exercise. Physical therapy is not only used for impairments of the locomotor system, but also for functional disorders of the internal organs such as cardiovascular, lung, and bronchial diseases.

Learning to recognize the signs of over usage

We currently live in a society that puts a strong emphasis on physicality. While demanding so much from our bodies, the large majority of us treat them carelessly without even realizing it. Oftentimes, this is because we haven’t been taught how to interpret the signs our bodies use to tell us it’s time to slow down. Unfortunately, it isn’t until much later that we realize something is wrong, and by then, the damage has been done. Our physical therapy program takes the time to educate our patients on healthy postures and efficient mobility practices that will increase their sensitivity to these nuanced signals.

Physical therapy makes patients aware of their problematic movement patterns and how these patterns affect certain areas of the body. Our primary goal is to teach patients to observe their body in a new and more attentive way. Ultimately, this helps counteract over usage and harmful behavior at an early stage. Our experience has shown that implementing a long-term exercise regimen is a necessary part of ensuring the body remains healthy and at peak performance during everyday life. In addition to supporting the body while at home and during leisure activities, we also advise on how to avoid potentially harmful physical strain at work. Even if you are suffering from pain due to recent surgery or a more general pain condition, our practice utilizes physical therapy to successfully address these issues.

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