Returning to Sports

Returning to Sports

Safety First

Both competitive and recreational athletes are often in a rush to resume their training following an injury. Our “Return to Sports” program was designed specifically for anyone with an athletic background in mind. The focus of this approach is to ensure athletes can safely return to their usual training schedule after a long hiatus.

Patients who are deeply immersed in athletics know how important it is to work with specialists who prioritize their long-term goals and recovery instead of focusing on implementing a quick fix. The majority of treatment strategies that offer fast results often try to rush the natural healing process, which can result in more damage or future injuries.

The scientific approach of the “Return to Sports” program gives patients the time and space to thoroughly recover while also determining when to gradually reintroduce intensive training. Our methods focus on minimizing the risk of new or recurring injuries later down the line.

Sport-specific tests and associated corrective exercises prepare our patients with the specific functional requirements of their sport in mind.

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