Lack of exercise, excessive sitting, and the constantly increasing demands of our everyday lives often lead to a loss of mobility, strength, and stability in the body. In order to move both efficiently and economically, all of these qualities are important. Additionally, our bodies require strong anchor points in combination with fluidly moving elements to maintain a healthy and balanced physicality. Even small disturbances to the bodies highly complex systems of movement can lead to excessive strain on individual regions and thus to a continuous disturbance in the movement chain.

The body can typically compensate for these disturbances and blockages for a time, but at some point, this leads to changes in the musculoskeletal system which can result in chronic pain and discomfort.

In our long-term work with patients, we have developed our own examination and training system to reverse this damage. For us, training means more than simply “working out” on gym equipment – our goal is also to bring back functional movement patterns by retraining your body to healthily perform everyday movements and more advanced skills required in sports.

With the help of various screening tools (FMS, SFMA, Y-Balance Test, Bunkie Test, Weak-Link Test) we are able to thoroughly analyze your current condition. Based on our observations and findings, we work with you to devise an individualized treatment program, specifically to suit your needs.

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