Using the hands to knead, compress, and stroke a specific area of the body is a process that reduces muscle tension and dampens the autonomic nervous system. The result is an increase in blood circulation and the metabolic stimulation of muscles and connective tissue.

Connective Tissue Massage

A connective tissue massage is a treatment that uses various types of pulling motions and pressure to stimulate the subcutaneous connective tissue (the innermost layer of skin also known as fascia). But unlike other massage therapies, this procedure is often focused on massaging areas outside of the problematic regions. That’s because the connective tissue is like a webbing encasing the body, and applying pressure to a specific area causes a ripple effect to other areas of the web. Certain pressure points are also associated with particular organs. If a patient is struggling with an internal blockage, it’s usually best to locate the deeper root it’s connected to and work with this area.

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