Fango Treatment

Fango is a completely natural clay product that is used as a hot compress. In physical therapy, it is used to stimulate blood circulation, reduce pain and inflammation, and relieve aching muscles and joints in preparation for further treatments. Fangotherapy is also known to pull out chemical toxins buildup through the skin.

During Fango treatments, a mud mixture infused with various healing minerals is melted and then applied to the skin. Patients will immediately experience deep relaxation as the heat penetrates deep into their muscles, widening their blood vessels and promoting the movement of lymphatic fluid. In combination with other methods, Fango can help treat back pain, bronchitis, various skin conditions, sleep disorders, polyarthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, and fibromyalgia among others. In addition to being anti-inflammatory, the healing effect of mud compression (in combination with muscle massage and exercise) therapy has been scientifically proven.

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