Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation

Our concept of treatment is guided by a detailed diagnostic administered to every patient prior to the start of treatment. This diagnostic is an extensive evaluation that takes into consideration the patient’s pain and discomfort as well as movement and activity restrictions. Our team of therapists have an expansive range of diagnostic, pedagogical, and manual treatment methods at their disposal so rest assured that we are able to treat a wide-range of issues, injuries, and concerns. Our patients’ recovery is also facilitated by natural physical stimuli with an emphasis on promoting personal activity through coordinated movement and conscious repetition.

The Pourat Konzept and our physical therapy and rehabilitation treatment methods:

The methods utilized by our physical therapy practice in Berlin Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf are aimed at retraining the natural, physiological responses of the human body such as motor skills, muscle building, metabolism stimulation etc. However, we also believe it is important to educate our patients on the functions and abilities of their body to decrease the likelihood of future injuries.

Our Goals

  • Promoting and maintaining the health of our patients through targeted and proven treatment methods.
  • Formulating a rehabilitation program based on the results of a thorough diagnostic by our experts. This evaluation will isolate the root cause(s) of pain or discomfort due to injuries, accidents, wear and tear, in addition to restrictions in function, movement, or activity.
  • The reduction or complete removal of pain through our diverse treatment options and a new-found awareness of how to safely use your body to prevent future injuries.
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