Spine Injuries

How can you resume your sporting activities after damage to the spine?

Our unique and effective “Returning to Sports” physical evaluation module only available at the Pourat Konzept physical therapy practice, allows our team of experts to precisely answer this question.

Sports put varying amounts of pressure and strain on the spine. Before returning back to high-intensity training, our program will fine tune your mind and body so you are able to pick up on the nuanced signals your body is using to communicate with you. In combination with our other treatments methods, we ensure that our patients are fully healed and equipped with the adequate judgment to significantly reduce the risk of repeated injury to the spine. Whether you want to return to canoeing, surfing, or track and field – we are dedicated to your thorough and timely recovery. In addition, our program emphasizes sport-specific exercises that will not only restore the functionality of your spine after damage but also help you reach your absolute fullest athletic potential.

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