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EMS training (electromyostimulation) is a highly effective therapy method that can effectively support classical training and rehabilitation measures. By means of a low-frequency stimulation current, targeted impulses are sent to the muscle groups.
To optimize the success of training, both passive methods, for example in the immobilization phase, and active methods during training can be used.

In addition to classic orthopedic-surgical indications, we now also offer targeted training of the pelvic floor muscles and surrounding trunk muscles.

Due to the great success with postoperative functional disorders such as incontinence, we can now also offer this highly effective therapy to patients from the fields of urology and gynecology.

Until now, this innovative training method was only known in high-performance sports, but is now also offered by trainers and physiotherapists.

With the help of low-frequency currents, the musculature is trained down to the deepest levels. Through EMS training, a positive influence on muscle growth and tightening of skin and connective tissue can be achieved in a short time.

Thus this training method is a useful supplement to functional training.

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