Equipment and Facilities

Equipment and Facilities

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our high standard of care can also be seen in our spacious and well-equipped treatment facility. Quality in all areas of treatment no matter how small is the only way to achieve the best results possible. Our ability to offer the newest training methods tailored to the needs of our patients after thorough diagnostics is aided immensely by our selection of specialized therapeutic and training equipment.

Recognizing Progress

A closer look into the history of physical therapy shows the massive strides that have been made in this health sector in recent decades. In addition to fundamental knowledge, new findings and innovations have considerably changed treatment concepts and methods in this very technical field. In order to transfer this progress into our daily practice, we always keep ourselves up to date through constant research and networking with colleagues from sports science, competitive sports, biomechanics, and integrative medicine.

Learning From High-Performance Sports

In our physical therapy program patients train according to the same principles as high-performance sports. We also focus on utilizing therapeutic technology for the treatment of muscles and fascia. Our state-of-the-art medical technology thus serves as preparation for manual treatment and functional training.

Newly mounted air pressure hoists are an extremely useful tool for functional rehabilitation. The advantage is that patients can train at various speeds from virtually any angle. Our therapeutic work also includes the use of smaller medical devices that facilitate or accentuate functional movement exercises.

When asked about our recipe for success, meticulousness and adherence to proven concepts are two of the biggest factors that contributes to our effectiveness. The enthusiasm we have for our profession is reflected in the combination of the most diverse therapy methods and devices – Which makes the treatment possibilities and guidance for our patients and customers so unique.

Our practice uses a wide-variety of equipment from the following manufacturers:

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