Fascia Treatment

Fascia (also known as connective tissue) is the tissue fiber that runs through our entire body to maintain body tension. The sensitive network of fascia ensures that everything in the body is “in its place” and stable. Because of their delicate nature, these tissue fibers can easily become twisted, tangled, and matted, which can lead to pinched or blocked nerves. Many people also suffer from reduced water content in the connective tissue, which can result in a loss of suppleness. Another common issue is when the fascia (connective tissue) becomes too tense. Fascia therapy and training can counteract the negative symptoms associated with connective tissue disorders resulting in dissolved tension, less acute and chronic pain, a new feeling of mobility, the development of lightness and stability, and the rejuvenation of tissue after extreme sports.

Fascia therapy is an integral part of our therapy program. Our techniques are administered during in-office sessions, and can also be utilized in guided at-home practice.

Hard foam rollers and fascia rollers are important tools to aid in self-practice in between sessions. Depending on the severity of a patient’s condition, we will prescribe an appropriate schedule of in-office and at-home therapy.

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