The Pourat Konzept Philosophy

The Pourat Konzept Philosophy

The guiding principle of our Charlottenburg based physical therapy practice is to move your body with the utmost awareness.

This may sound simple, but we believe it is the most important founding principle that supports the more complex aspects of our innovative approach. Moving you with awareness means combining the purely physical execution of repetitive motion with attentive self-observation to retrain the coordinated processes of your musculoskeletal system. The key to making progress during each therapy session lies in the conscious and targeted execution of each movement, as well as in our close observation and analysis of your movement. Repetitive motion not only strengthens the affected area, but it also teaches your body efficient ways to optimize movement.


At the start of the therapy process, we set aside as much time as necessary to thoroughly discuss the patient’s prior medical history and complete a detailed diagnostic. From the start of your treatment, our main priority is taking the time required to be as detailed and thorough as possible. The process of working with the body should never feel rushed or impersonal. That’s why each therapy session typically lasts 60 minutes, during which we utilize all the tools at our disposal to help you achieve the maximum therapeutic success. If 60 minutes is not enough time to accomplish our shared goals, we are always happy to come up with a personalized training schedule that’s best for you.


After our preliminary diagnostics, our experts select therapy and training techniques specifically designed to suit your needs. We modify these techniques based on our continued observations to make the exercise sequences both engaging and demanding. Throughout the individual phases of rehabilitation, we combine these various therapeutic techniques with early functional training. Meaning, we use selective movement and motion control so that you can execute these specialized exercises with a precision that isn’t possible with traditional gym equipment. For transparency and motivation, we actively involve our patients in therapy planning from the start. To achieve a goal, the knowledge and awareness of the small intermediate steps are key. This is also an extremely important part of a patient’s ability to consistently harness the motivation necessary to make a full recovery. Progress doesn’t always happen overnight, so establishing trust between our patients and the treatments we prescribe is paramount.


Your progress will be continually monitored and our observations will be discussed throughout treatment. To ensure that the patient, doctor, and therapist are all on the same page throughout the program, it is important to stay in regular communication with one another. This constant exchange streamlines the process of planning continual treatment regimens. We’ve established an extensive network of physicians from various disciplines to simplify this collaboration.

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